Commercial Mortgage Valuation

Portfolio Analytics Software

Our web-based portfolio analytics software digitizes all loan and collateral information in an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to manage risk more efficiently.

Mortgage Portfolio Management

TARGET improves portfolio risk management by allowing fund managers to make real-time data-driven decisions.


Stress Test Your Mortgage Portfolio

Measure portfolio impact from changes in the lending environment

Interest rate environment and mortgage spread stress

Collateral stress, including cap rate stress and property performance

Rent roll and industry stress, including tenant departures and industry shocks

Monitor Risk Exposure

Ensure hands-on surveillance of risk exposure, recent activities, and problem loans with TARGET’s portfolio monitoring features.

Perform instant on-demand health check monitoring on a mortgage portfolio with custom thresholds and metrics

  • TARGET enables the user to easily determine loan violations and take a proactive approach to identify problem loans
  • TARGET enables portfolio managers to quickly determine and further investigate coverage shortfalls

Build Portfolio Scenarios

Analyze and monitor the impact of changes to a portfolio’s composition and make informed investment decisions

Add or remove loans based on market opportunities, anticipated fundings, or expected payouts and see the effect

TARGET generates instant reports to measure:

  • Duration/Convexity
  • Weighted DSC/LTV
  • Geographic Exposure
  • Asset Exposure

Cash Flow Analysis

Optimize portfolio liquidity and performance by forecasting future cash flows of principal and interest payments, loan fundings, maturities, prepayments, and extensions

Analyze historical cash flows including scheduled monthly payments, additional advances, paydowns, refinances, renewals, and extensions

Centralized Data Analytics & Reporting

TARGET provides fast and easy portfolio intelligence to portfolio managers. With key data analytics, modeling, trending capability, and insight to various portfolio risk exposures, portfolio managers can go beyond time consuming, basic data analysis performed at a single mortgage level.


Time Saving & Convenient

Generate portfolio charts and trends instantaneously with a single click

Easily segment data into useful areas to gain deeper insight into portfolio trends and metrics


TARGET’s capabilities extend beyond the pre-set standard reports by allowing the user to custom-build and tailor their own reports

Quickly generate a multitude of graphs and charts in order to visually understand both portfolio and individual loan-level data

TARGET seamlessly handles large data sets and shows trends and relationships

TARGET allows multiple data sets comparison and analysis

Create impactful and visually appealing presentations with TARGET’s graphic and trend functionalities

Accuracy & Insightfulness

TARGET’s portfolio trend reporting leverages mortgage data to provide deeper understanding and improve decision making

TARGET’s portfolio segmentation capabilities allow users to navigate and compile metrics into more informed decision making

Key Functions

Trend analysis on historical prices, market values, durations, spreads, yield to maturities, average terms, DSC/LTV, vacancies and collateral performance

Exposure reports on geographic and asset allocation, tenant and industry concentration, and borrower/sponsor exposure

Segmentation based on industry, term, balance, DSC, and LTV

Dynamic comparable search with an interactive locational map feature

Loan-level summaries detailing historical property performance

Document Management

TARGET’s web-based platform manages loan documentation for users through a single, secure user portal.


Centralize documents in a single portal

Access all mortgage files in a single location

Offload security risk

Rely on TARGET's SOCII compliant database system

Increase controls

Limit access to information with user-specific login

Improve document management

Tag and categorize mortgage file for easy sorting

Enhance document traceability and tracking

Document uploads are time-stamped to enhance document integrity

Commercial Mortgage Valuation

Commercial Mortgage Valuation

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