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CMLS Financial is a Canadian leader in structured finance in the mortgage sector, participating in both conventional and CMHC-administered securitization.

We were among the first participants in a Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security ("CMBS") transaction in Canada since the 2007 recession. Since 2012, we have originated over $1.9 billion in commercial mortgage loans earmarked for securitization and securitized over $1.8 billion through five CMBS transactions – representing over 40% of post-recession CMBS issuance in Canada. We are also CMHC-approved lenders, and MBS issuers and sellers in the Canada Mortgage Bond (CMB) program.

We manage a series of pooled commercial mortgage funds on behalf of individual and institutional accredited investors, often co-investing with our institutional clients. Leveraging the strength of our extensive origination platform, the real estate mortgage investment management team selectively pursues opportunities that offer attractive yield relative to credit risk and in doing so, provide strong risk-adjusted returns to investors.

The investment management arm of the business has been built up over the past decade and now encompasses three members. This division has extensive commercial real estate, mortgage lending and fund management experience, supported by the CMLS Financial team. The members of our investment management group have come from a diverse range of professional disciplines and backgrounds to provide a broad platform for the origination and management of mortgage investments throughout Canada.

Looking beyond our strong track record and extensive experience, our team's core strength lies in the combined skill sets of its individual members, as well as our shared vision and common values; most notably a passion for commercial mortgage investment, unwavering integrity and a desire to continuously outperform our peers.

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