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The Mortgage Commitment

Loan Review Documents

Your Commitment Letter / Loan Agreement is more than a document; it’s a contract that outlines the ongoing commitment between you, the borrower, and the lender.

This comprehensive contract encompasses specific clauses focused on the loan review process and contract compliance requirements including submission of financial documents and compliance forms. Ensuring compliance with your loan obligations, including CMHC Certificate of Insurance requirements, is key to maintaining the good standing of your mortgage.

Essential Loan Review Documents

Outlined in your commitment letter are specific documents required for the review. These typically include:

Financial Statements (Corporate Entities) and/or Personal Net Worth Statements (Individuals): These are expected from all named parties to the loan including Borrower(s) and Guarantor(s).

Operating Statements and Current Rent Roll: These need to be property specific.

CMHC Certificate of Insurance (COI) Compliance Certificates:

  • Affordable Housing Covenant Compliance Certificate
  • Healthcare Facility Compliance Certificate
  • Capital Repairs and Replacement Covenant Compliance Certificate
  • Condo Clause Compliance Certificate
  • Equity Retention Compliance Certificate (General/Ring Fencing)
Commercial or Multi-Famil Commercial or Multi-Famil

CMHC COI Annual Compliance Certificate Templates & Other Resources

The following templates can be downloaded below, as applicable, to assist you

All compliance certificates and financial reporting should be sent to

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