Commercial Mortgage Valuation

Commercial Mortgage Valuation

Our commercial mortgage valuation services provide real estate owners and mortgage investors with a credible and independent assessment of fair value.

Mortgage Risk Review

Our risk assessment process provides real estate owners and mortgage investors with an industry-recognized and auditable mortgage risk rating score.

Remove Inherent Conflicts

Our risk rating system is completely transparent, documented, and audited in order to ensure consistent, objective, and reliable independent assessment on every loan. It is your solution to ensure consistent objective and reliable independent assessments.

Leverage Our Credit Expertise

We provide risk reviews for every commercial mortgage type in Canada, including fixed-rate and floating-rate term mortgages, interim construction mortgages, second mortgages, mezzanine loans, land-only loans, high-yield mortgages, lines of credit, and distressed debt.

Benefit from our Extensive Market Intelligence

With access to vast mortgage and property data, our specialists identify current market trends to assess the overall risk profile of loans.


Commercial Mortgage Spread Matrix

Our spread matrix is a monthly publication that contains current commercial mortgage market spreads categorized by risk rating score and term to maturity.

Extensive Access to Market Data

Our spread matrix is utilized for over $30 billion of Canadian commercial mortgage valuations and is based on timely market data from sources that include:

Direct Market Intel

Actual transactional data from the lending programs of our diverse valuation client base, currently representing in excess of $8 billion in Canadian commercial mortgages annual origination

Comprehensive industry interviews and sentiment surveys with mortgage lenders, investors and brokers from across Canada including financial institutions, pension funds, insurance companies, real estate funds and pooled investment funds

Quantitative References

Reviews of corporate bond spreads, including senior unsecured issuances for REITs/REOCs

Assessment of spreads on CMBS and CMB issuances

External References

Relative pricing for US mortgages and macro market influences


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Eric Clark, CFA

Vice President
and Managing Director
Mortgage Analytics Group
Sukhman Grewal

Sukhman Grewal

Senior Director
Mortgage Analytics Group
Quebec City


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