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Mortgage Valuation

CMLS Financial is the leading provider of independent mortgage risk ratings and mortgage pricing services for the commercial real estate finance industry in Canada, valuing in excess of $12 billion worth of commercial mortgage assets annually.

Clients engage our risk rating and mortgage pricing services to support:

  • Portfolio valuation
  • Mark-to-market valuations for accounting
  • Performance measurement

The benefits of our mortgage valuation include:

  • Receiving an objective, independent assessment
  • Better governance
  • Eliminating inherent conflicts

CMLS Financial mortgage valuation services include:

Our Clients

Private sector investment managers utilize CMLS Financial to provide annual risk ratings of each mortgage in their portfolio for risk rating and compliance purposes. The risk ratings are then combined with CMLS Financial's Commercial Mortgage Spread Matrix to calculate a market value for each individual mortgage and create a daily pooled mortgage fund Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation.

Public sector investment managers (pension funds) utilize our services to provide annual risk ratings and to calculate monthly mortgage valuations for financial reporting and performance measurement.

See our Mortgage Valuation Case Studies to learn how we helped our clients solve their valuation challenges.

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