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CMBS Lending Program
CMLS Financial is at the forefront of the Canadian Commercial Mortgage Backed Security market with our CMBS lending program. We were among the first in Canada to complete a CMBS transaction since the 2007 recession. Underpinned by innovative features, our “made-in-Canada” CMBS solution provides you with a servicing standard and level of flexibility previously unattainable through CMBS financing. When you purchase or refinance your commercial property through our CMBS lending program, you’ll benefit from faster decision-making and the support of our team from funding right through to the end of the mortgage term.

CMBS is an excellent solution for:

  • Fixed-rate loans for 5-year to 10-year terms
  • Properties with stabilized and fairly regular cash flows
  • Conventional property types such as retail, office, industrial and multi family
  • Properties where few modifications, developments, expansions or improvements are anticipated
  • Borrowers who need to diversify their lending relationships and loan exposure thresholds
  • Investors looking to maximize cash flow returns from their investment properties by increasing the amortization period

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