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CMLS Financial is pleased to introduce our new and expanded renewal compensation program. This program was redesigned with our customer forward vision combined with the CMLS commitment to continuous innovation. These enhancements will help to promote lasting partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships between our registered broker partners, customers, and CMLS Financial.

These options are designed with our broker partners in mind. Brokers who select renewal compensation at the time of submission will automatically be compensated for the following transactions. These can be processed via our renewal department with or without direct broker involvement.

  • Full Term Renewal
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage Conversions
  • Early Renewal Transactions
  • Refinance Transactions
  • Port Transactions

Full compensation details can be found on our CMLS Financial rate sheet or the FAQ section below.

Full Term Renewal

Renewal compensation is issued upon renewal of our mutual customer’s mortgage. It is paid for every renewal for the life of the mortgage and payment is based off the renewal term selected by the borrower.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Conversions

Adjustable rate mortgage conversions are paid if our mutual customer converts mid-term to a fixed rate mortgage and extends the term of their CMLS Financial mortgage.

Early Renewals

Early renewal transactions processed mid-term under our customer loyalty program will also be compensated based off the appropriate term extension.

Refinance and Port Transactions

Refinance and port transactions will be compensated based off the increase to outstanding mortgage amount. Compensation will also be based on the term the client has selected during the application process. In the event of a port and decrease or straight port no compensation will be paid. Our mutual customers mortgage will remain in the renewal program going forward.