Commercial Mortgage Valuation

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We publish a variety of research reports to keep the market informed. This includes our Quarterly Mortgage Commentary, Annual Commercial Mortgage Market Survey, and Quarterly Lender Sentiment Survey.

Quarterly Mortgage Commentary

Our quarterly commentary is the only published study exclusively dedicated to the Canadian commercial mortgage market with specific analysis on the conventional market, the CMHC-insured market, and the Canadian CMBS market.

2018 Commentaries

Annual Commercial Mortgage Market Survey

The Annual Survey has been running for 7 years and is the most comprehensive data source on the Canadian commercial mortgage market. The Survey includes market size, volumes and trends.

Quarterly Lender Sentiment Survey

The lender sentiments survey provides lenders with an in-depth pulse of market trends that drills down to specifics across the lending risk spectrum.

Commercial Mortgage Valuation

Commercial Mortgage Valuation

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Sukhman Grewal

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Mortgage Analytics Group
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