Selected servicing

Customizable to your unique requirements

Selected servicing allows you to choose from a customized menu of services that complements your existing mortgage servicing activities. We’ve found companies have benefitted from our selected servicing in a number of ways:

Greater focus
Asking staff to perform non-core activities can be counter-productive, because it will stretch existing workloads so thin that key activities don't get the time they deserve. Outsourcing, however, allows management and staff to focus on the activities that are truly important to the success of the organization.

Enhanced flexibility
As the investor, you can tailor our set of services to suit your unique business model.

Improved cost effectiveness
Some activities lend themselves to scale or are only possible with sizable investments in technology and infrastructure. Outsourcing is often the most cost-effective way to deal with these situations.

Which services to select?
In assessing which activities to conduct in-house and which to outsource, it may be useful to review your mortgage investment by looking at two dimensions: the activity's strategic importance to you and its return to scale.

The less strategic the activity is, and the more it lends itself to efficiencies resulting from scale, the more it is a prime candidate for outsourcing.

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