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CMLS Financial has more than $15 billion of assets under administration. Many of Canada's most prominent financial institutions, investment managers, life insurance companies, public pension funds and other financial lenders trust us for our comprehensive and customizable range of mortgage services.

Our experienced team services conventional and CMHC-insured commercial and residential mortgages. DBRS rates our Commercial Mortgage Primary Servicing capabilities at Superior; Fitch rates our Commercial Mortgage Primary Servicing capabilities at CPS3, Master Servicing capabilities at CMS3 and Loan Level Special Servicing capabilities at CLLSS3.

Our mortgage servicing team will work with you to expertly address any requests, issues and concerns as they arise, from monthly payments to banking arrangements, and from insurance to providing regular mortgage statements.

Commercial mortgage servicing

  • Commitment letter issuance
  • Conditions precedent satisfaction
  • Billing, collections and remittance
  • Property insurance coverage compliance
  • Loss mitigation management
  • Escrow and reserve account admin (for property taxes and/or future repairs)
  • Construction loan advance processing
  • Loan and portfolio level reporting

Property inspections

CMLS Financial can arrange for an unbiased inspector to provide you with an objective visual assessment on the current condition of any commercial property in your portfolio. The report typically includes a detailed assessment of the property and photos highlighting areas that require attention. If you want verification of a tenant's occupancy status, we can obtain that for you as well. These services are available for any commercial property located in Canada. With CMLS Financial providing your mortgage servicing, your involvement can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you wish.

Special servicing

Managing a loan in arrears or default is a crucial and often stressful element of mortgage servicing. That's why so many lenders count on the CMLS Financial team of highly experienced experts. Call on us whenever you need help managing loans in arrears or otherwise in distress, or when you need professional support with foreclosure or litigation issues.

Residential mortgage servicing

  • National call centre
  • Transaction posting to client accounts
  • Client contact information and tax changes
  • Property tax administration
  • Fire Insurance administration
  • Renewals and early renewals
  • Conversions
  • Payment frequency changes
  • Covenant changes (title transfer / assumptions)
  • Annual statements
  • Final document accuracy confirmation
  • Discharges and partial discharges
  • Collections
  • Arrears and loss mitigation

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Commercial Mortgage Servicing


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